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Shiba Inu (and related) Books

There are so many dog books on the market today, it is a daunting task to find a good one.
We have bought, borrowed and researched many volumes to come up with the list below.
We feel that these volumes will give you the best value for your money and some are absolutely necessary.
If you can get only 4 or 5, we have indicated the absolute mandatory items with a *.

"Shiba Inu" *
A Comprehensive guide to owning and caring for your dog.

BEST BOOK EVER!!! Available through Amazon Books
This is one of the 2 BEST Shiba books I have ever found.

I found no unnecessary "filler" or glop in this Shiba book, that I have found in others. The information is factual and Shiba specific. The author obviously has much experience with the Shiba breed and has included such things as emergency care, tons of wonderful pictures and  a section in the very back for your own Shiba's picture and vaccination record.

I also recommend the book below. Get them together. Head and shoulders above the rest.
Both these excellent books are very easy on the budget!!!

Shiba Inus (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Laura Payton, published by Barron's Educational Series (August 1, 2003)
BEST BOOK EVER!!! Available through Amazon Books

When I first read this book, I was so impressed that I actually called the author to tell her, Shiba breeder to Shiba breeder, how much I enjoyed it and how much I appreciated the factual and complete information she presented, without unnecessary filler.
This is the other one of the BEST 2 Shiba books I have ever found. I also recommend the book above. Get them together. You will never regret it.
Both these excellent books are very easy on the budget!!!

"The Complete Shiba Inu"
Maureen Atkinson / Hardcover 
 Available thru Amazon Books

We have browsed thru this book and found it attractive and interesting with lots of pictures. However, most of the Shibas pictured have unusual color patterns, and not all of the pertinent information on the foundation breeders and dogs are included. Some of the pictures need accurate captions.

This book started out at $20.97 in 1998 and has gained collector status and popularity.

by Richard Tomita, Richard K. Tomita
Price: $7.96    Available thru Amazon Books

This is a small, hardcover book that was generally available in pet shops, it was about $12 to $15.
It is pretty commercial, but has some good information and lots of great pictures. This book consists mostly of generic dog information and a very thin section on Shibas. It was all we had in the beginning of our Shiba experience and we appreciated having it. Now that it is long-in-the-tooth, being published in 1998, you can pick it up for a song.

"The Art of Raising a Puppy"by New Skete MonksYou can tell how much they love their dogs. *
Price: $Variable   Available thru Amazon Books

This is a wonderful, intelligent and sensitive book. We feel that it should be mandatory for every dog owner AND kennel owner. The monks of New Skete have been breeding and training dogs for more than 20 years. The book observes a litter of monastery puppies from birth to 12 weeks. New owners are taught how to pick up where the ideal breeder leaves off, gently asserting dominance, while establishing trust and communication. This lays the foundation for a lifelong, fulfilling relationship between a dog and it's owners. 50 photographs. This book deserves it's five-star rating.

"The Total Shiba" 
by Gretchen Haskett, Susan Houser / Hardcover
Price: $19.77   Available through Amazon Books

We haven't actually seen this one yet, but have heard good things about it and we are looking forward to reading it. This book will help me to round out my Shiba library.

Oddly, There is no editorial review for this book but the individual reviews back up what I have heard, that this book is excellent for the not-so-beginning owner and valuable for the breeder and exhibitor, offering much in the way of history and genetics. There are many photos of the founding fathers and mothers of the breed and information about Shiba clubs.

"Dog Problems" *
by Carol Lea Benjamin
A Professional Trainer's Guide to Preventing and Correcting Aggression, Destructiveness, Housebreaking Problems, Excessive Barking, Dogfights, Tugging, Jumping, Shyness, Stealing, Begging, Car Chasing, Fear Biting, Object Guarding, and much, much more.
 $Various prices   Available through Amazon Books

This professional dog trainer owns a Shiba. That's his picture on the front of the book. We find much of value here, like her style of writing, and are encouraged by the fact that she has a beloved Shiba in her household. Lefty "Mad Dog" Lennard is a "second-hand" dog.

"Second Hand Dog"This book was written by a Shiba Inu owner.
How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet - by Carol Lea Benjamin
$Various prices   Available through Amazon Books

This is a really cute little book. The author is owned by a Shiba Inu. He was a second-hand-dog.
Now he is a first-rate pet. She goes right to the heart of the problems that come with adopting a dog with a an unknown or questionable past. Using examples from her own experience, the author, a well known dog trainer and writer, gives you a really solid foundaation from which you may adapt to your own style, or not, as you choose. We really liked it, including her Shiba sketches and a timeless photo of a Shiba, gazing out the window.

"Save That Dog"
Everything You Need to Know About Adopting a Purebred Rescue Dog - by Liz Palika
 $Various   Available through Amazon Books

This is the first book to deal specifically with purebred rescue, the dogs, and the people involved, Save That Dog! explains what purebred dog rescue is and how it differs from shelter adoptions. Heartwarming profiles of abused, abandoned dogs which have been placed in loving, responsible homes are interspersed with details of the adoption process. 

"Don't Shoot the Dog"
The New Art of Teaching and Training - by Karen Pryor

Available through Amazon Books
The reviews of this book (there are many at the Amazon site ) were so good, we ordered it.
This is a very cool book. The price doesn't hurt my feelings, either.

It has some extremely good training methods. You will find much of value here.
The rumors are that you can use this book to train anything and anyone, even your spouse!

"Mini Atlas of Dog Breeds"
by Andrew De Prisco, James B. Johnson (Contributor)
Available thru Amazon Books

This little book is heavy with information. Although there is just one page about the Shiba Inu, there are several pages of information on the Shiba's relatives in Japan, including the well known Akita and the lesser-known Ainu, Kai, Kishu, Sanshu and Shikoku and pictures of all of them. This book has a classic, adorable photo of Shiba pups.

We like it and refer to it often, especially while watching those big dog shows on TV. It should be a part of any dog lover's library. This has got to be the buy of the century, as some used bookstores are offering it for just one penny and the cost of shipping!

"Dog Owners Home Veterinary Handbook" *
by D.G. Carlson, D.V.M. & J.M. Giffin, M.D.
Available thru Amazon Books

This is the book for you, if you need more than your vet's number by the phone, to get you through. Although some of the treatments may have been replaced with modern ones, like the skunk bath with tomato juice, most of the information is timeless. Actually, we have one of the earlier editions, and Amazon is now offering a 2007 edition, so I'm confident you will have the advantage of more up-to-date practices.

This book is really mandatory for dog owneers. The advice is frank and so are the pictures. The "symptoms" index inside the front cover is especially valuable and easy to find. If you need more information than this, take a vet tech course.

"Natural Health for Dogs and Cats" *
By Dr. Pitcairn

After starting to feel that everything was getting a bit too artificial and drug oriented, we wanted to go in another, healthier, more natural direction and purchased this book after much research. We have found much valuable information here about natural treatments and raw food diets.

If a "back-to-sanity" approach is what you are looking for, this book will be a great addition to your companion-animal care library. We have an earlier version and I understand people are raving over this, current and more modern edition.
We got this book a few years after the above volume, "The Veterinary Handbook", and they make a great combo. You really do need both.

"Smarter than you think"
by Paul Loeb
Price:$11.20 new and less if used  Available thru Amazon Books

The jewels of information contained in this small book are in worth the hunt you will have to make to find them. After you wade thru the self-adulation of the author in the first half, you will discover techniques that really work, like the 'book at the door', which we tried with instant success. Although not all the methods in this book will work with the Shiba, there is much that is valuable here, worth much more than the price of the book!.
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