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These are our policies and practices.

-- Status of your kitten --
When you purchase a kitten from us, it becomes your kitten 100%.
We retain no breeding rights or other "strings".

-- Health Guarantee --
We offer no health guarantee, other than what is in our kitten purchase agreement. The reason for this is that we have no control over what you are going to expose that kitten to, knowingly or unknowingly, and where that kitten will be or with whom, animal or human, what it will eat and how it will be treated, once that kitten leaves our home. Without control over these factors, we cannot offer any guarantee.

-- Closed Cattery --
In the interest of further explaining the above policy, let me make it clear that we are a "Closed Cattery" and this is what that means: We do not board other people's cats; we do not send our Queens out for breeding and we do not offer stud services. Our studs are either bred by us or have gone through rigid health testing at the time we purchased them. We have mothers, grand-mothers, great-grandmothers and even a great-great grandmother still healthy and on the premises.

-- Shots/Vaccines --
We will administer the first shots at 12 weeeks of age and include that in the purchase price, if that is what is agreed to. Some clients will want to take the kitten to their own vet for the inocultions. Considering that there is a great controversy over inoculations at this time, this is a volatile issue and we are open to dissusion. See
kitten purchase agreement.

-- Food --
We feed high quality food, and attribute the health and longevity of our cats to that fact. For the last 10 years it has been predominately Felidae, dry and canned or Natural Balance. They contains NO corn and NO wheat. Sometimes we feed raw food, if the situation warrants it. Sometimes it's raw chicken necks and/or hearts and sometimes it's half-cooked chicken or squab. A fussy kitten may occasionally get a bowl of fresh goat's milk. (We have fresh goats).
We encourage our clients to follow a similar diet because we see the excellent results daily. The new natural, grain-free foods ("Felidae", "Taste of the Wild" and others) are a nice addition to the available selection and can be found in feed stores or specialty stores.

We do not represent any animal food manufacturers.

-- Deposits --
A deposit represents that you are serious about purchasing a kitten.
Our normal deposit is $200.00. Your deposit and agreement to pick up that kitten at a prearranged time is a sales contract.

If that amount is not feasable for some reason and you need to make arrangements, such as time payments, that is possible and can be arranged with discussion.
If we make arrangements for partial payments, they must be made on time or any previous deposit will be forfeited and not refunded. (If you don't tell us ahead of time.)The kitten in question will be made available to other interested parties.

Some reasons for this are: Once we take your kitten off the market, we are feeding and caring for it for you and only you. That deposit is feeding your kitten. We don't show it or even mention it to other buyers and we take it's picture off the web.

--- Changes ---
If you need to back out of a kitten purchase before the pick-up and final payment date, communicate with us.
Littlewolf Cattery knows that life sometimes throws us "Curve Balls". We need to know as soon as possible. Sometimes, in serious situations, especially due to family emergencies, early deployment, divorce, etc., refunds and/or credits can be granted, but that is not guaranteed. If you need more time, let us know. Things can often be worked out.

--Defaulting --
However, if you don't pick up your kitten when scheduled and have not informed us that there would be a change, you lose the kitten and all monies deposited. The reason for this is that, my attorney says, you have defaulted on your contract.

It could be because you have changed your mind and didn't bother to tell us about it, preventing us from offering the kitten to another buyer at that perfect age, OR you have gotten hit by a beer truck and won't needing the kitten anyway OR hit the lottery and run off to France or a combination of the above or 10,000 other things that happen to people. We need to know or you forfeit both kitten and deposit.

First and foremost, communication is the most important factor in our breeder/buyer relationship.

-- Photographs --
I will do my best to keep you updated about your kitten with reports and photographs, ideally on a weekly basis. If I am slow sending pictures of your kitten, keep reminding me with e-mails and calls. My failure to send you pictures, as frustrating as that may be, does not constitute a breach of contract. I may be slow to send pictures because: I am ill, my husband is ill, we are busy with the other animals, we are busy with surprise quests, we are too tired, the camera is broken, etc., etc., etc. We would never deliberately withhold pictures of your kitten. Just keep reminding me.

-- Emergency Replacement or Refund --
If, God Forbid, something sad happened to your kitten, such as an accident or sickness, or if it developed a congenital defect that would render it useless for a pet or breeding, (if that is what you had planned for it),
while we still have it, we will immediately inform you. Then we would take the kitten to the vet for treatment, and/or offer you another kitten of the same or greater value or your deposit back, whatever we, breeder and client together, decide would be best, depending on the situaltion

-- Anything Else --
Communicate with us.