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Shiba Inu and Pet Portraits Hand-Drawn in Pastels
Beautiful, sensitive pet portraits, hand drawn with archival pastels. Dogs, cats, birds and horses are my specialties but all pets considered. A pastel portrait of a beloved pet is a perfect gift!

Pet Portraits in Pastel
For this portrait, I had to pull together images from three different photos and fit them into a pleasing composition. This is commonly done when trying to get a suitable grouping of your pets. They just won't hold still!

Original photographs:
Pet portraits

Pet portraits
   Pastel Portrait of Shiba Inu puppy
shiba pup pastel portraits, pet portraits
Original photograph

Shiba Inu pastel drawing

Send a photograph with your deposit, a check or money order. You may also e-mail a high resolution digital photograph and make your deposit with PayPal. E-mail for instructions if you need help e-mailing your photograph.
pastel portraits of your pets

This is Holly, also done from a photograph.

More examples to come.
Pastel is a pure form of powered pigment, not "chalk" as many people believe. Pastels are light-fast and long lasting, suitable for archival pictures, capable of lasting hundreds of years. Pastel portraits are perfect for capturing the expressions and character we see in the faces of our animals. Different colored papers and backgrounds are available. Let me know what you would like.

I will email you a picture of the half done portrait for approval and also a picture of the completed work. Upon final approval, the balance will be due. As soon as I receive the final payment your portrait will be shipped to you, insured with delivery confirmation.

A $50 deposit is required with the order. Personal checks and money orders accepted or you may pay for your purchase with PayPal.

8" x 10" .....$75.00 one head only
10" x 12" ......95.00 one head only
11" x 14" .....110.00 two pets, add $75.00
12" x 16"......150.00 two pets, add $85.00
16" x 20"......175.00 2 or more pets, add $85.00 ea.
Full body portraits, add $35.00

Shipping $10.00 includes insurance.

Larger sizes...e-mail me about your need

Original Shiba Portraits
in Pastel sometimes available. Inquire.

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