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January 2006!!!
We have moved to a more rural location in Alpine, CA (East San Diego County)
and changed our phone number to 619.659.5945.
Our e-mail address is still the same.
Long-haired Shiba Pups!!! March 2003
Sugar Spice
Sugar and Spice are rare, long-haired Shibas
Long hair on a Shiba is a resessive trait and so not often seen.
Sugar and B&T Mom Simone
 Spice Girl, rare, long-hair Shiba Inu
We called them the Fluff Sisters at first.
Sonia and Casey's pups, Christmas, 2002

Buffy the Beetle Slayer
Buffy, Her Serene Foxyness
Buffy we love you.
Buffy at nine week of age

Treasure and Harry
Woo and Buffy choosing toys
Buffy's Champion Mom and Champion Dad!
Buffy, Winter 2003,  a lovely young lady.
Buffy's a mom!!!

Our Black & Tan Lady
Simone is a black-and-tan Shiba Inu
Simone at eight weeks of age Simone all grown up!
More to come, always. 
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