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These Bengal Cats and kittens below are for your viewing pleasure.

female bengal kitten for sale Bengal kittens for sale
Brown spotted Bengal kitten  Charcoal Pantherette and Brown spotted sister.

We have no kittens available at this time.
Bengal cat kitten for sale, young silver male Flash Gordon
Mother is Dominique, Father is CloudWalker. DOB 3/1/07
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Bengal Panther kittens "melanistic " born Feb. 20th, 2006
These are rare Bengal Cat panther kittens.
Mother is Dominique. She never had panthers before.
She was surprized but loves them, never the less.
These are two different kittens. One has more silver markings.
Head of rare Bengal Cat panther kitten.  Head of rare Bengal Cat panther kitten with silver markings
These kittens are glittered!
This rare Bengal Cat panther kitten is glittered
Call or e-mail for more information.
Update: March 24th, 2006
bengal kittens Panthers two sisters bengal kittens two sisters panthers
Tiny Bengal kitten"panthers", caught with chicken on face.....

..2005 Bengals..

********** George of the Jungle **********
brown leopard spotted bengal kitten
 * * * * * * "Frosty" * * * * * *
- Sold -
Silver male Bengal Kitten
  Bengal kitten for Christmas
2 weeks old

 silver spotted bengal kittensilver spotted bengal kitten 
8 weeks old

silver bengal kitten for sale  silver bengal kitten for sale
11 weeks old
"Frosty" male, Silver, sweet, gorgeous, looks better than Dad. Sold 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dominique, a Bengal cat queen
granddaughter of
RW QGC DiCaprio of Starbengal

Cloudwalker, Silver Bengal Cat Stud
His dad is a Quadruple Grand Champion

See Dad's dad here, halfway down the page!
Mom Dad
Color & Pattern Guide
Colors and patterns of Bengal cats


Willow (female) Blue Spotted, very glittered.       Not Available
Blue Spotted young female bengal  Blue Spotted young female bengal dancing the two-step
Mahagony Rose - Not For Sale   Brown/Gold Marbled
Bengal cat queen, brown marble

Black/gold marble bengal queen with glitter in gold areas

Black/gold Marble Bengal queen with glitter in gold areas

Black/gold Marble Bengal queen with glitter in gold areas

If you have any questions about these bengal kittens or bengal cats in general, just e-mail or call.

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