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Bengal cats and Bengal kittens in Tucson, AZ and San Diego, CA
TICA Registered Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens in Tucson, AZ
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New litters:
Cocoa X Maya
DOB: 2/16
Felicia X Harlee
DOB: 2/22
One Female AvailableFour Males Available
Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ
Updated picture coming soon.
The mother to this litter is
Cocoa Carrera.

She is a lovely chocolate and cinnamon Marble Bengal.
I love the colors and patterns of the marbles; so much in fact, I wrote a short story about them. Please check out the link below: (Or HERE...)

 "Legend of the Marble Cat".

Most people are not aware that these particular marbles are actually purebred Bengals because of the pattern, but the genetics for marbling  were carried in the domestic cats that were originally crossed with the Wild Asian Leopard Cats, the beautiful jungle cat that these Bengals are decended from.
Father to this litter is Mayan Gold

He is a gentle but shy guy until it comes to the ladies. He is a born lover and the ladies like him. His kittens are lovely. A picture of this interesting stud is coming soon.
Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ
Male #5
Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ
Male #1
The mother to the litter above is Felicia.
She is a beautiful, sweet cat who loves attention and occasionally demands that I attend her at birthing time. However, she is perfectly capable of presenting me with an entire litter, all cleaned up and nursing. Her kittens are always gorgeous.
Father of this litter is Harlee.
Harlee is a large, beautiful and gentle male who loves his daily pets and affection. He is a great flirt, rolling and talking, begging for more tummy rubs. He also makes beautiful kittens.
Secret X IncaAlexa  X Trinity
DOB: 2/20DOB: 3/09

Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ
Male #1
Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ
Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ
Male #2
Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ

Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ

Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ

Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ

The mother to this precious Snow baby is Alexa. She is a pretty and  an extremely sweet cat. When she was young, I thought she was a Silver, but she changed to Brown later on. How strange is that!
The Seal Mink Snow gene is carried by his grandmother, Windsong.

Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ

Bengal kittens for sale Tucson, AZ
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Please still feel free to e-mail me for specific information about specific kitties and cats you are interested in.

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All kittens come with current vaccinations, option to register in TICA and information sheet

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Legend of the Marble Cat

E-mail or call about pricing

TICA registration available.
If you would like more information about any particular kitten and more pictures, please call or e-mail.

All Kittens have first shots and are eligible for TICA registration.
Reasoning Behind Evaluations

I've been advised by far wiser minds than myself to not finalize the price of my Bengal kittens until 6-8 weeks of age. Why? It's in everyone's best interests.

Lets us say that at birth to 4 weeks your Bengal kitten looks like it is worth well over $1,000.00 but at 8 weeks, he or she develops a weakness, or an undesirable color or .... the price, in all fairness should go down. Conversely, if he or she evolves from an "ugly duckling" to stunning breeder quality, that Bengal kitten should be priced a little higher. 

Sometimes, (and this is rare, Thank Goodness), the kitten just does not thrive. If there is a hidden, internal defect, it usually becomes evident by the time the kitten reaches 8 weeks of age. It's vigor and health, or lack of, is obvious.

We will accept a tenative,
refundable deposit of $50.00 to hold a kitten, if you absolutely must have that particular kitten, and when that kitten reaches 8 weeks of age, healthy and thriving, we will price the kitten fairly and accept the balance of the $200.00 deposit.

If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to e-mail us.

 >>>>> Our kitten purchase agreement: Please Read. <<<<<

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 *** Please read our policies about purchasing a kitten from Littlewolf Cattery  ***
Kitten sales fraud!!!
Beware of this latest scam!
Some unscrupulous people are advertising kittens that don't even belong to them.
A fellow cat breeder just found out that pictures of his 4 week-old kittens were copied from his website and offered for sale by someone who doesn't own them. Their english is broken and does not sound right. They do not ask about the home the kittens would be moving to, but what they do say is:
I must say that am very happy to meet a good home for my kittens and i am very convinced that the kittens will be well taking care of by you.I will like to add some more qualities of the kittens that was not mention in the previous mail i sent to you."

They will want a lot of information from you that is not necessary to purchase a kitten or transfer a registration. Before you send any funds for a kitten, find out who you are dealing with! Ask for their website URL, how many years they have been in business and at least one other cat breeder that knows them, for a reference. Some legitimate breeders have not registered their cattery with TICA, but most of them have. It might be a good idea to ask for their official TICA cattery name.
When in doubt, move on. You may never see your money again OR a kitten.


Kittens from former litters, pictures for reference only.
All the kittens below are sold but I've left some pictures up so you can see what kind of kittens to expect from the new litters. 
Snow Spotted Bengal kitten
 brown spotted Bengal kitten for sale

Legend of the Marble Cat
More Bengal Kitten and Bengal Cat pictures
AKA: "Ancient History"


---Some Information on Bengal Pattern and Coloring---

"Brown Spotted Tabby" (the leopard look) is the most common designation for Bengal cats. The cats themselves, however, are incredibly varied as to actual color and pattern. Take the cat below as an example...

Shyanne is a beautiful copper queen with bronze spots and glitter, glitter, glitter! This color is referred to as "Sorrel". (That means a kind of red).  Her registered color is called "Brown Spotted Tabby", despite her copper/red coat.
Shyanne is a retired bengal cat queen

Delta Dawn, below, is what most people think of when they hear " Brown Spotted Tabby". Delta has "arrowhead rosettes".
Bengal cat Delta

Topaz, below, is a refinement of Delta's coloring, with more contrast between her background color and her spots and larger, more colorful "rosettes". Her body color is actually a beautiful light gold.
Bengal cat Topaz

Some people, quite a lot, actually, including lots and lots of judges, think that
Quadruple Grand Champion DiCaprio below, is the quintessential Leopard Look, "Brown Spotted Tabby".  He is, indeed, a beautiful cat.
Quadruple Grand Champion Bengal Cat, DiCaprio of Star Bengal
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Hey! What in the world is "Glitter"?
What causes it? Where does it come from? Only Bengal Cats have it. There is an excellent article about Glitter and where it came from at the  The International Bengal Cat Society. Don't forget to bookmark us before you go.

While we're at it, What the heck are the "Fuzzies"?
Shortly after 2 weeks of age, most Bengal kittens develop a long coat of "guard hairs", usually black or dark gray, that pretty much obscures their dramatic spotted appearance. Most kittens lose much of this coat between four to five months.

This is why, when you go to pick up your "beautiful spotted kitten" at 10 to 12 weeks of age, that you chose out of a pile when they were two weeks old, it looks like something someone found in an alley.

Don't despair. Most of them will look like that at that age. Trust your breeder and do your research. Many breeders won't let you choose a kitten until they grow
out of the "Fuzzies". You can still see the markings from the back, however, through the hair coat.

I believe that it is a natural camoflauge to protect the kittens from predators, as they begin to venture out of the nest and into the world. By four to five months of age, they are pretty much in control of their legs and have learned what to run from and when. If anyone has a better theory, I'd be happy to hear it. Marbled kittens rarely grow this hair.

A Short Bengal History

The Bengal Cat is a new, exotic breed of domestic cat originally created by the breeding of the small, wild Asian Leopard Cat, (Felis Bengalensis) with a domestic cat such as the Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Burmese, or Egyptian Mau. 

According to the 1941 Cat Fancy publication, the first hybrid cross with the intention to create a pet "leopard" was accomplished in Japan. It was not until 1960 that any records exist in the United States of breeding Leopard Cats to domestic cats.  Not until the 1970's was any effort was made to create the Bengal breed. 

The Bengal breed allows those of us who love and admire wild cats, to live with and enjoy their beauty and uniqueness in our own homes, while also benefiting from the domestic Bengal Cat's loving, friendly, playful disposition. 

Domestic Bengal Cats are no different than any other domestic cat when it comes to care and feeding. Female Bengals average from 7 to 11 pounds at maturity, while the more heavily muscled males can average from 11 to 18 pounds at maturity. 

Bengal cat owners delight in the intelligence, playfulness, and affectionate natures of their companions, and also love to talk about their athleticism, leaping ability and the dexterity with which they use their paws. Many Bengals also have an instinctive love of water, and have been known to climb in the shower or bathtub with their humans!

"A Bengal cat is an athletic animal, alert to its surroundings; a friendly, curious, confident cat with strength, agility, balance and grace. It is a medium to large cat which exhibits a very muscular and solid build. 

Female Bengals are generally smaller than males and exhibit proportionately similar qualities. Its wide nose with prominent whisker pads and large oval, almost round eyes in a slightly small head enhance the wild appearance and expressive nocturnal look.

Its very slight, to nearly straight, concave profile and relatively short ears with the wide base and rounded tips add to the Bengal's distinctive and unique appearance. The coat area is one of the most distinguishing features of the Bengal cat. The short, dense coat, displaying either a randomly spotted or marbled pattern, has a uniquely soft and silky feel.

The coat may be glittered or not glittered, with neither type to be given preference. A thick, low-set, medium-length tail adds balance to the cat." (From TICA Bengal Breed Standard.)
For anyone thinking of getting a Bengal Kitten, Please Read
The wrong way to have Bengal Cats:

I had wanted a beautiful spotted cat for years and when the opportunity came by, we bought a female snow spotted kitten from a very nice breeder in our area. We make a mistake but I wanted the kitten so bad I ignored the warning signs.
First, we had to run it to ground with a goat carcass and a net....No, it wasn't really that hard but it was a real trick to get the wild creature in tow after the purchase was made. The breeder's kittens were raised "underfoot" and it had been running loose around this lady's home and to say it was on the wild side was a gross understatement. Thinking back, a goat carcass might have helped.

This kitten, when caught, squalled and shrieked all the to the car and all the way home. It was one of the longest rides of my life. It calmed down after a few days under the couch and the befriending by our older cat Radar. He was delighted and just knew we had gotten her for him. Nikita (an appropriate name) never got to be lovey-dovey but soon took over the house and "allowed" us to pet her on her terms only. No picking up without hideous squalling. Occasionally she would step down out of her ivory tower to grace us with her presence on the couch, but, "no unauthorized touching!"

When the time came for her to have her first litter, I took her back to the breeder who paired her up with a suitable male. Three months later she was still a maiden. The next time the breeder brought the male to us. She finally got pregnant the third time around!!! Three years after I bought her, she had her first live kitten. In the mean time, the breeder felt so sorry for me that she loaned us another female and that sweet cat promptly had a litter of beautiful kittens, one of whom became the ancestor of our present line.

What happened to Nikita and her kitten? Motherhood was just not in the cards for that cat. I had her spayed and adopted out to a wonderful family who was grateful to have the, now, somewhat tamed and subdued beauty. Her kitten was a real pill. It was cross and somewhat wild from the beginning, as if it was always saying "I didn't ask to be born". No amount of holding, play and petting seemed to make any difference. Even in the photographs I took, it looked nasty and defiant. I ended up giving her to a person who had had a cat of the same temperament years before and she actually missed that cat a lot. Yikes! This just proves there is someone for everyone.

The Moral of this story for prospective cat purchasers:

If it doesn't feel right, don't press the issue. Bengal cats are hybrids, and still have a trace of that wild blood in their veins. Sometimes it will show up in a kitten many generations separated from the wild ancestor. Look for sweetness at a young age and a willingness to be your friend. Don't settle for less.

Our Family, Ladies first.

Coming soon!

  Coming soon!
Crystal - Retired - Not available
Bengal cat for sale Tucson
"Crystaleyes LW"

TICA #: 092102 030
DOB: 09/21/02

Crystal has the most beautiful beautiful eyes.
Crystal is a heavily glittered Snow Marble. Her color is called "Seal Point Marble".
All the Seal Point Bengals will have these blue eyes. The other colors of "Snow" kittens will have green, yellow or golden eyes. She is the daughter of "Zorro", Son of DiCaprio.

Studs: Da Boys

Cloud Walker - Reference Stud
Cloud Walker is a striking Silver Spotted male who shows much promise of following in the footsteps of his dad. He is already showing rosettes of black, gray and silver on his silver/white base coat. He is a purr machine and loves to be loved. He has bright yellow/gold eyes. He is much larger than this early picture of him shows.

His father is featured below and his brother is going into Show Business.
2010 update: Cloud is now in San Diego, is retired, and has a forever home as a beloved pet.
Bengal cat stud

Farout Bengal Brutis of Littlewolf
Reference Stud
Right Click on Brutis' pedigree and choose "View Image" for a pedigree you can actually read.
Bengal cat pedigree
Bengal cat stud

Zorro - Reference Stud

Bengal cat reference stud

Zorro is retired and has a new home!
Bengal cat reference stud
This is Zorro. He is called a Brown Marble. It hardly describes him. His kittens can be spotted, marbled, brown, snow or blue. Crystal, a Snow Marble, is his daughter and Mai Tai, a Brown Spotted, is his son. He carries the Blue gene as well.

Zorro has the most beautiful Jade Green eyes and he passes them along to his children and grandchildren.

Trinity - Not available
Bengal cat stud

Our newest boy Trinity, came all the way from Pennsylvania!
Thank you to Indian Creek Bengals for allowing us to bring Trinity into our cattery.

Trinity carries for big, beautiful rosettes and Sepia Snow. His newest daughter by Rose, is a lovely rosetted, glittered snow with green eyes. Below is his mother Windsong and his father Friar Tuk.

       Bengal cat reference queen

Golden Idol - Not available
Golden Idol is our own, beautiful, home grown boy. His mother is "Rose" and his father is "Brutis", both now retired.
He is big, sweet, and Oh!, so soft. He glitters like an Incan treasure.

reference bengal cat queen marble Rose  reference bengal cat stud Brutis
               Mahogany Rose and Brutis
Bengal cat stud

If you have any questions about these Bengal cats or Bengal cats in general, just e-mail or call.

Reference Bengals
These cats below are in our cat's ancestral lines

Reference Queen
Bengal cats
Reference Sire
Cloud Walker's Dad is a Quadruple Grand Champion
Silver spotted Bengal Cat
He is owned by Earl Shropshire of Starbengal.
Reference Queen  Bengal cats
Marble Ann
Reference GrandSire
(I wish I had him and I know he isn't for sale.)
Father of Zorro
Quadruple Grand Champion Bengal Cat DiCaprio
RW QGC DiCaprio of Starbengal
DiCaprio is a quadruple Grand Champion and is owned by Earl Shropshire of Starbengal in San Diego County. His color is called "Brown Spotted", just like Shyanne, above. There is a world of difference between the two, but they are labled the same.
Confusing, isn't it?

JUST PICTURES, a trip back in time...

This is Mai Tai, a son of Jasmine and Zorro, brother to Crystal.
His hind legs look large but just closer to the camera.
Son of Zorro and Jasmine

Jasmine's kittens, born Nov. 2, 2003
  • Bengal kittens ready for Christmas!
  • All the snows have beautiful blue eyes but these pictures don't show them.
  • Two bengal kittens born November 2, 2003
    Getting these kitties to hold still for these pictures was like trying to control a dozen tree frogs on caffeine. We took over 50 pictures, and I finally had to hold them out of desperation! Part of the problem was that we were laughing so hard at the kittens.

    "Trick or Treat"
    Purebred Bengal Kittens by Shyanne and Zorro.
    Actually all treats, born on Oct. 20th! This is four out of five.
    Four of Shyannes's Bengal Kittens, DOB October 20th , 2003

    bengal kittens with mom
    Always room for one more!


    Expectant Bengal cat queens, China and Jasmine.
    China and Jasmine, two of our former Bengal Queens

    If you have any questions about these bengal kittens or bengal cats in general, just e-mail or call.
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