Shiba Inus... a big dog in a little body. The Shiba Inu is a spunky and adorable companion weighing in at under 30 pounds. Shiba Inus are the perfect dog for apartment and RV life.
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This is Lucy 2
Shiba Inu puppy born Spring of 2000, red with white feet, now living in Portland, OR.
"Secrets of Shiba Revealed"
(see story below)
 Shiba Inus are unique, strong, clever, fast, intelligent loving and loyal. The Shiba will captivate and charm you, then proceed to run your household and everything in it.


This is Lucy 1.Although Shibas are classified as non-sporting by the AKC, the Shiba Inu was bred to hunt a dangerous prey, the wild boar of Japan.
Shibas are very loyal.
The average Shiba will consider everything in your home to be Shiba property, including humans, other animals and inanimate objects.
Although Shibas Inus are classified as non-sporting by the AKC, the Shiba Inu was bred to hunt and does a great job getting rid of unwanted rodents.
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The Real Story of the Shiba

From the very first moment we saw a Shiba Inu, we knew that the Shiba was for us. It was the right size,  but not too small,  brave,  but not too large,  good-looking but not too cute (except the puppies, of course). This is obviously a lie. We think they are ever so cute!

We shopped around for well over a year,  visiting Shiba owners in several states and attending Shiba Inu classes at every dog show in the region. 

Now,  we thought,  after nearly two years of research,  we  were ready and well prepared, to obtain our first Shiba Inu, a female.

Little did we know that Shiba owners are truly initiated only after you get your first Shiba,  then the Shiba takes over and proceeds to train YOU. 

They (the Shibas) have a secret volume of knowledge that they pass along to each other in what must be a telepathic manner,  probably before birth. 

We have slowly discovered this secret information,  common to all Shibas, and will be posting it on this site as it is translated from the native Shiba language.

"Secrets of Shiba Revealed"
(I'll continue to fill these in as I learn them)

A Shiba Inu expands to fit the space available to it.
(Your bed, chair, the couch, whatever)
A Shiba will always try to crawl up your nose or get into your socks (that you are wearing) when you have to concentrate on something else.
Shibas make you feel guilty for eating your own food.
Your chair is always the Shiba's preferred place of rest. 
(You need leave for only for a split second to have it occupied when you come back)
If you don't leave your chair, the Shiba might just occupy it with you.
Shibas have great difficulty hearing their name, commands and demands, 
they can hear the dropping of a food morsel in the kitchen and be there before it reaches the floor, the soft opening of the refrigerator door in a busy household and the footsteps of a skunk, outside in a rainstorm.
Shiba Inus are habit forming. 
(You might find yourself wanting more than one, we did.)
Shibas assume ownership of everything in "their" household: people, other dogs, cats, birds, turtles, furniture, misc. objects, etc.
(Anything or anyone outside the home or yard is a"stranger" and must be barked at: people, other dogs, cats, birds, turtles, etc.)
The less you pay for a toy, the more fun a Shiba will have with it.
(Cardboard paper towel cores are an all time favorite.)
A Shiba can make food fall out of your hand or off your plate by it's mind power alone.
That constant, penetrating gaze doesn't hurt either.
If you drop something in the kitchen that is inedible, they will not be there. See rule #6.

More to come...

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