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Our second litter, "The Winter Babies",
born on the October evening of the 11th., 1998.
 These pups are 24 hours old.
24 hours old
Now they are 6 days old, strong and loud.
6 days old, can you believe this?
Here are Conan and Thor. Thor was first, marked with a large white triangle on his chest. Conan was larger, and last. Both have tiny white toes. The pups are growing fast and climbing all over mom. She was very concerned with this photo session, so we were as brief as possible. 
Thor at 2 weeks, lunch the same day >
Mother is Shiba's Nest Red Sonia
These pups really motor around. They are very active when they are not sleeping. Now that they can see, they investigate everything. Sonia and the pups are the picture of health. She is the perfect mom, keeping her pups warm, clean and fed. Dad is respectful and patient. (Proud?)
Thor has a large white triangle on his chest.
This is Thor, he was born first.
Conan is getting pretty sleepy.
Conan is the larger of the 2 pups, and is now named Tonka.
The pups are now 4 weeks old and have their bright, little eyes open and mouthfuls of tiny, sharp shark-like teeth. Mother has taught them to NOT bite her when nursing, by gently closing her jaws over their heads. It worked, they learn fast. These little guys are really active! The brothers are now interacting with us, and their little tails are wagging! They like to eat a little warm puppy gruel and canned pup food, as well as Mom's milk. Sonia really enjoys playing with her little ones.
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