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Our newest puppies, "The Winter Babies",
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They really seem to be interested.
Here is Bill teaching the pups how to access the internet. It was a short lesson, but they seemed to get a lot out of it. 

They have graduated from their puppy box and are now living in a crate in the kitchen. They have room to play, and usually are able to make it to the newspaper to pee. 

The pups can watch us go about the tasks of daily life, and have some carefully supervised interaction with the other family members, 4 dogs and a cat. Mother tends to them several times a day.

This is Thor in the background and Conan attacking the camera.
The two little guys get to romp in a larger area of the living room now. They scamper about like little rabbits and fight over treasures like empty paper cups or my sock. When they get tired, they head for their crate to snooze. If I close them in, it's O.K. 'till one needs to pee, (or something else) and then, what a ruckus! They don't want to mess up their 'cave'.

They were 5 weeks old on Nov. 14th. Now they steal big-dog food, and are very respectful of their dad, who tolerently watches his pups and even lets them pester him, a little bit. 

A very mellow father Beni got between our weekend guests and the pups, to protect his children from the strangers. I was holding the pups in my arms and, unfortunately, Beni decided he had to get on my lap to do his job right. We were all falling backwards in incredibly slow motion, when Bill caught us, and disaster was avoided.

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