Texan Pioneer Pigeons
This is a designer pigeon, American bred to be both an excellent show bird and a fine utility bird.
>>> Update: 2016<<<
We no longer have these pigeons. This page remains just for your information.
  Texan Pioneer pigeon, squabbing pigeon, show pigeon, squab, ash red cock looking left  Texan Pioneer pigeon, squabbing pigeon, show pigeon, squab, ash red cock front view  Texan Pioneer pigeon, squabbing pigeon, show pigeon, squab, ash red cock looking right
This is a young ash-red cock.

Texan Pioneer pigeon, ash red young cock  Texan Pioneer pigeon, ash red young hen
2006 young cock and 2005 hen

  Texan Pioneer pigeons, ash red young breeding pair
young 2006 mated pair

  Texan Pioneer pigeon, resessive red young cock  Texan Pioneer pigeon, resessive red young cock
Two young resesssive red cocks in moult

Family Life

  Texan Pioneer pigeons, breeding pair with male squab    Texan Pioneer pigeons, ash red breeding pair on nest
LEFT: Young pair standing guard over their first male squab.
RIGHT: Male incubating eggs in left side of double next. Hen in right nest.
Both parents incubate, feed and guard squabs.

Texan Pioneer pigeon, ash red hen on nest with squab 
Ash Red hen guarding squab, barely visible under her breast on left side.

Texan Pioneer pigeons, two male squab in nest
Two male squabs about 20 days old.
In this auto-sexing breed, color/sex differences are obvious. Females squab are predominently gray, even in the nest.
Male squabs are white and pink.
Texan Pioneer pigeon, young 2006 cock before first moulting  Texan Pioneer pigeon, young 2006 hen during first moulting
  Young cock and young hen in first moult. These two are just a few monts old.
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The following description of this beautiful pigeon is courtesy of the association -Texan Pioneer Association International


Whereas the origin of most breeds of pigeons may be rather obscure in history, the origin of the Auto-Sex Texan Pioneer is very definite as to time, place, breeds used, and purpose.

This development project began in Houston Texas in 1953 by Mr. Delwin V. James. The Texan Pioneer was developed to obtain the most efficient squab producer possible. This meant a squab having not only plumpness, but also an exceptionally high dress out (eviscerated) to live weight ratio. Bred from parents who are fast producers, good feeders, not overly large, and having high disease resistance, and a long producing period of life. This requirement called for the development of a terrific breast, with small heads, small legs and feet, and the reduction of wing and tail size. The forerunner of the Texan Pioneer was called the Auto-Sex Texan. This was a loft name given them for record purposes only. The Texan was produced with an auto-sex factor through the use of Auto-Sex Kings and the French Mondains, giving a hybrid of 3/8 Auto-Sex King and 5/8 French Mondain.

The perfect squabbing type was quickly recognized for its show quality. It was from this observation that the show type Auto-Sexing Texan Pioneer came into being. The Auto-Sex Texan Pioneer has tight feathering, broad breast, short tail and wings, and has a fairly straight back and tail line. The mature birds will weigh between 28 and 34 ounces in prime condition. The average squab weigh 24 ounces live weight at 30 days of age. The Auto-Sexing factor allows the identification of cocks and hens at any time from hatching date on. The hens are long down and will feather out faded colors of blue, black, ash-red, or "T" pattern ash-red, while the cocks are short down, white with some flecking of colored feathers on neck and some about the body. This auto-sex factor breeds pure as long as pure Auto-Sex Texan Pioneers are mated together.

In the past few years, the Recessive Red color has emerged in the Texan Pioneer Breed. This is a very beautiful color. The cock is a very light yellow, while the hen is dark red. Here again, these colors breed true as pure Recessive Red Pioneers are mated together. The Auto-Sex Texan Pioneer breed was recognized by the National Pigeon Association in 1961 as a new/pure breed. The Texan Pioneer Association was formed in 1963 and has been affiliated with the NPA every year since. Texan Pioneers have been shown at most NPA shows since 1961.

The Texan Pioneer Association dues are $10 a year for an individual, $5 a year for juniors, $12 a year for a family, and $15 a year for foreign. The basic goal of the breeder is to keep accurate production records on all mated pairs, and to show just as many birds as possible to achieve the happy marriage. Our aim is "THE PERFECT SQUABBING SHOW BIRD". .....

For membership and more information, please get in touch with:

Bobby & Nora Brodie,
115 Perry Dr.,
Livingston TX 77351,
Tel/Fax (936)327-2633
Last known contact.

Recipes for fresh squab:
Squab are well known for their low-fat, health giving qualities.
I went to Google and typed in "Squab Recipes", I got 104,000 entries! I'm overwhelmed!

Here are a few of the most astounding:
Pan roasted squab with beaujolais-cassis and roasted shallots
Roast squab in rice cooked in chicken broth, tossed with diced fresh mango and chopped cilantro.
Mesquite Smoked Squab Stuffed with Cornbread and Chorizo
Grilled Squab Vietnamese-Style

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